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Protect your certificates/DOCUMENTS AGAINST FORGERY

EDUCATIONAL Institutions

QR code Certificate Verification is a powerful tool for Tertiary Institutions, Examination bodies and others to curb certificate and document forgery.

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There are unprecedented benefits that corporate organisations stand to gain by incorporating our QR code verification system to their arsenal.

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As part of the methods of curbing certificate forgery all over the world which has becoming a developing trend owing to the advances in technology, QR code verification has been and it is still the most preferred, efficient and timely solutions amongst others. Majority of Schools and Institutions outside Nigeria use this method to ensure that their certificates are protected against forgery, i.e. nobody can forge any certificate in their name without being caught easily.

Due to the growing number of certificate forgery cases in Nigeria even amongst the elite, concerned bodies including the NYSC had raised alarm over this criminal act. In recent times, it is common to see supposed graduates from institutions of learning and examination bodies present fake certificates in application for admission or employment. This in turn poses great threat to the growth of the country and also dent the image of the school or institution not sparing other graduates with authentic certificates the distrust.

There are many downsides to this as it affects the educational institutions (Colleges, Monotechnics, Institutes, Polytechnics, Universities, Examinations bodies, etc.) in the following ways:

  1. Decline in their ratings amongst other institutions as people may easily consider their certificates easily available and cheap to duplicate.
  2. Decline in student applications for admissions.
  3. Loss of relevance amongst institutions in and outside the country.
  4. Distrust and additional screening processes faced by graduates of the institution.

Soft-us Technologies is however, providing a lasting solution to this menace. We are developing QR code Certificate Verification Websites/Applications for Institutions of Higher Learning, Examination bodies and other interested organizations.

With very flexible options to fit the certification processes of any school, institution, examination board etc. You can protect your certificates from forgery, duplication or any form of alteration today. Kindly contact our sales Team via mail ( or fill the form below.

We look forward to working with you!

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Soft-us Technologies is a fully registered business with the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (RC 3162751).


With our passionate and dedicated support team, we can manage your verification portal on your behalf at  an affordable fee which is to be discussed.

Soft-us Technologies’ vision is to provide solutions to problems using technology as a tool. 

Certificate and Document forgery is a big problem today. It become a cause for concern to us. That was how the idea came.


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