Soft-us LMS: Free IT exams, 100% verifiable certificates

The management of Soft-us Technologies announces free certification in various high-demand IT courses aimed at providing a verifiable certificate for job seekers and a safe and fraud-proof system for recruiting organization to test prospective employees and staff for promotional examination


This free certification exams is very beneficial to Corps Members, fresh graduates and those actively looking for job. Businesses and organizations are also supported to administer examination to staff.


Benefits of Soft-us LMS Free Certification to businesses and organizations


It helps organizations administer examination to staff in secure and efficient ways, cutting preparation time drastically without spending huge amount of money.


Benefits of Soft-us LMS Free Certification to individuals


If you know how to use a computer and you do not have a certificate. Or you have a certificate but it is not verifiable.


You can take an exam for the computer program of your choice (For free) and get a verifiable certificate if you pass on Soft-us LMS


Individuals with outstanding scores will be eligible for remote and physical employment.


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